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Welcome to BMG Property Management Limited, the only dedicated property facilities management agent based in East Cork. Unlike other Property Management Agents we work exclusively at property management, we do not partake in sales or letting. This means we can devote all our time looking after your property.

We are independently owned. Unlike so many of our competitors, we avoid potential conflicts of interest that can compromise our independence and the service we provide to our clients. We are not involved in the sale of property nor do we have any financial interest in any of the service contractors we employ.

Our financial and administration systems are designed with our client’s needs in mind. Every client in our portfolio has its own bank account; their funds are not co-mingled in a general clearing account. Our clients thus receive the full interest earned on their monies. Also, all correspondence for every development is sent out on their own letterhead, so that their image, not ours, is enhanced.

We believe that the Board of Directors sets policies and that our role is to implement its policies. It is key that the Board is well informed, so BMG puts special emphasis on providing each Director with a full agenda and supporting documentation in advance of each Board meeting. We research all issues before the meeting; so we can provide the Board with the means to solve issues, not dwell on problems.

What sets BMG Property Management Limited apart from our competitors?

We Do Not Engage in "Sweetheart" Deals with Developers
Our clients are all self-managed developments, where the effective control of the complex is in the hands of the owners who live in the complex. We do not contract with developers before or during the construction phase to provide management services. In this way, we retain our independence and are in a position to pursue a developer aggressively when deficiencies must be corrected.

We Do Not Partake in Property Sales.
BMG does not sell properties. Selling units within projects, a management firm can also introduce conflicts that ultimately can compromise the ability of the firm to act in the best interests of all the unit owners.

We Do Not Manage Individual Properties.
BMG does not manage individual properties within a development for investor owners. The interests of non-resident owners are often at odds with those who live in a complex. We believe firms who provide such services compromise their ability to give independent recommendations on issues where the interests of the two ownership groups are not aligned.

We Do Not Own Service Companies.
BMG has no financial interest in any of the firms we employ to provide services our clients will use to maintain or upgrade their properties (landscapers, cleaning contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.). We retain the services of the best contractors and put work out to independent bids to ensure our clients are receiving competitive rates.

BMG has a readily accessible network of local professional contractors and tradespeople who provide prompt, quality service, at reasonable prices for all our clients. Only those with current and all necessary insurances in place are engaged to carry out works on behalf of your management company.

In Summary
BMG can take care of all the needs of your development. If you have just been made director or secretary of your development and are not sure what approach to take or a management company interested in changing your existing agent, please give us a call, we will be happy to advise you free of charge without any obligation.

“Our Independence Means Honest Advice and Fair Deals for Our Clients”

It all adds up. If you’re looking for a property management agent that will provide the services your development requires for its long-term health and to maximize ongoing value for its owners, BMG Property Management Limited would be happy adding you to our portfolio of satisfied clients.

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